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Mafia Wars Cheats Guide

    Mafia Wars is amongst the most played Facebook games. Players have made it popular enough that there are Mafia Wars Guide publications and numerous blogs on the Mafia Wars cheats. But if you, too, are a devoted gamer, know this: a “proper” or premium Mafia Wars Guide will give you the same information that free, open to all guides would. This is because, in all honesty, there are not proper Mafia Wars cheats in the literal sense of the word. What is out there, are advance tips and techniques, and this Mafia Wars Guide will do the same. Consider this a beginner’s guide to the game.

Mafia Wars Guide

    The The purpose of the game is to build a mafia family by playing as a gangster. While it is a free service, users have the option to get premium service to have access to special features and rare items. The success of Mafia Wars was such that in October 2011, a sequel, Mafia Wars 2 was introduced. Mafia Wars is available not only in Facebook, but also in MySpace, Yahoo and Google+. So if you, too, want to get in on the game, this Mafia Wars Guide is a great place to start.

    1.Getting new items

    Items are unlocked throughout the game as you perform certain tasks.

Here is a handy list of tasks in the game that would help you know what task would unlock what item:

• By beating up a rival gangster, you earn a .22 pistol
• By collecting protection money, you receive a butterfly knife
• By roughing up dealers, you earn brass knuckles
• By robbing a pimp, you receive a .9mm semiautomatic
• By killing a protected snitch, you get a stab-proof vest

    2.Conserve your energy

    The only thing that would help you get by through this entire game is your energy packs. This game, unlike other Facebook games such as Farmville or CityVille is not based upon how much money you have. While attaining and hoarding huge amounts of money is the one of the biggest goals for many players, you simply cannot achieve that without having the energy to complete jobs. Energy packs also help you navigate through the game without getting killed in the process. If you are a new player, start off with maniac level. This will give you more energy levels right away and subsequently, you would be able to perform more tasks, complete more jobs and earn more money.

    3.Building a Mafia family

    The whole point of Mafia wars is to build a mafia family. The biggest and strongest family is then considered the best. The point is quite similar to other Facebook games produced by Zynga: keeping to the social networking theme and building quality connections. Lots of them. You need to be careful who you include in your family. Look for people who play this game as often as you do. There will be no point in hanging onto jobs simply because one member of your mafia mob is not online. If your existing friends are not doing this part for you, go through Facebook pages on Mafia Wars and Mafia Wars cheats. Befriend people who play it on a daily basis and around the same time as you and build a big network.

    4.Acquire property

    Along with building up a good amount of energy, one of your primary focuses right away should be acquiring a lot of property. Your property is what is going to generate a lot of profit for you. So, if you are new to the game, use this tip; it will help you in the long run when you find yourself running out of cash or energy levels. A good inflow of cash from your property will help you recover both of those things.

    5.Fearless mode is more useful than you think

    This Mafia Wars Guide did mention starting out with at maniac level right away, but that trick is for those who want to start off with a great deal of energy right away. Fearless mode is more focused on slow build, and yes, it takes a lot of patience to work with, but it has quite a lot of good points. Firstly, in fearless mode, you could have a shot at performing certain jobs without any loss in your energy packs. This option is not available for any other mode or level. Secondly, the Top Mafia Wheel man spot is only available to Fearless mode and acts as a special ability.

    6.Use the bank

    The best way to keep your money absolutely safe is to keep it in the bank till you want to use it. You do not want to carry around your cash and get looted and lose it during battles. Keeping it in the bank will also enable you to collect enough money to buy property. Buying property is a huge investment as it takes up a lot of your cash, but at the same time, it has numerous long term rewards such as making profit and upgrading your levels. Here is the catch, though: it will be unwise for you to keep your cash in the bank if you are below level 50. This is because the banking fee will eat up any money you have. Trust the bank only when you have enough money that the bank fee would not matter.

    7.Choose good weapons

    One of the key features in fighting other mafia families is by choosing excellent weapons for the combat. Select a weapon that is most likely to cause the biggest destruction to the opposing family. As you move up the levels, you will have access to better weapons and collectables. You can also receive powerful weapons from friends or other experienced players. So, it is again important to build connections and increase you network!

    8.Keep making money

    This may not be the only Mafia Wars Guide to tell you this, but the only way to make fast money is by completing jobs. Zynga has not built the game in a way that would incorporate several cheats or secret passwords and key combinations. Glitches in the game can sometimes be exploited, but they only work till they are fixed. Till then, the only way to make money in the game is to finish jobs. A trick that many players are using though is buying several Mafia Mix bars. This apparently increases your cash inflow.

    9.Do not start a fight right away

    Tempting as it may be to start off with the action right away—that game is, after all, called Mafia Wars—resist the urge and focus. Arrange your priorities. Right away, you will need to increase your family and build on your network. At the same time, your focus should also be to collect energy for when it matters. It will do you no good if you lose your energy as soon as you enter the game. Save it now or regret it later.

    10.Live up the loot

    Why buy items when you can just loot? Remember, you are part of a mafia mob. Buying could take up a lot of time. You would have to go through a number of jobs and the like before you can collect enough money to make it work. Live up to the spirit of the game and attain something—a collectable or some cash—simply by looting.

    11.Body armor is a must have

    Body armor is what is going to protect you during the actual mafia wars. You may have to wait a few levels before you can actually get your hands on one. And yes, it is quite an investment, but it is completely beneficial and worth the wait.

    12.Beat up quality people

    You may find that you get more cash out of beating up certain people than others. Keep an eye out for those ones who gave you the maximum amount of cash. Bookmark them if you must, and attack them every time you see them. Chances are you would be able to collect a serious amount of cash.

    13.Level up before you act

    Do not work on becoming well known right away. Avoid the hitlist in the early stages of the game. It would not be worth it and would make you lose all your money and energy levels. Wait till you are at one of the higher levels and have built a big enough family before you actually dive into the nature of the game.

    14.Keep an eye on the home page

    The home page often brings players special limited offers and short term features. The bloody chainsaw is an example of such a feature. These offers may not last forever, but it is better to take advantage of as many special features while you still can. Check the home page often and use the newly introduced or limited time features. They will give you an edge and you move on in the game.

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